小 J is 3 months old!

Report card!

BabyN is growing up to be a delight to play with :) He’s smiley, attentive and has begun to chuckle! He’s also more accepting of the bottle – phew!

Oh, and why “小J”? 

Coz the initials for his Chinese name are JY*;  hopefully this 前世情人of mine will be as great as my 做不成情人的 Jay! 🤣

By the way, as you can compare with the 2mo report card, he’s filling up his dino onesie well :)

*lest i receive any allegations – nope, this is in no way intentional on my part!


2 months on

I had wanted to title this post, “omigawd, i’m left with half my maternity leave!”, but thought that would too obviously reveal my priorities.

Erm in case you are reading this in future – babyN, you are my priority!

Anyway, as babyN sleeps soundly in my arms, i thought i should stop procrastinating and pen my thoughts 2 months since his birth. Yes, it’s supposed to be a monthly report but… the days just flew past.

babyN, believe me, you are as important as a first child to me!

While babyN isn’t entirely different from jiejieN, babyN has given me many firsts:

  • Multiple projectile pee experiences
  • Poop in bath tub experiences
  • Baby acne to deal with
  • Milk spitting issues to grapple with

babyN is also the first time i knew so early on, what nickname best suits him – Dino. Why? Because his grunts totally reminds me of those we see in museums and cartoons!

Other than grunts, babyN has displayed the ability to lock eyes with us and respond to us. So he’s been a joy to play with. He has also begun to recognise me, not just by scent but also i believe, by my silhouette. He apparently showed his displeasure when instead of me, grandma walked in to the room to soothe his cries!

These 2 months have passed in a blink of an eye. It’s the same everyday – feed, change diaper, pump, repeat, feed, my breakfast, bath time, feed, lunch time, feed, change diaper, repeat, jiejieN comes home, dinner, entertain 2 kiddos at one time, bedtime for jiejieN, feed, change diaper, repeat… And on weekends, “entertain 2 kiddos at one time” is in bold through the day 😔

It has been exhausting, and admittedly, i spent many waking nights and wee hours wondering what have i gotten myself into again, and didn’t enjoy being a second-time mom. It’s complicated.

As we enter into babyN’s third month, i think i have begun to enjoy things a little more, and am embracing, once again, the joy of watching a baby grow up, to have a tiny pair of smiley eyes looking back up at you. Aww

At the same time, it has been comforting watching jiejieN around babyN. Without a doubt, and as we already knew long before babyN was born, she is a good sister. Will share more about their journey together in the next post!

Welcome home, my 前世情人

After a restful 2-day 'staycation' at the hospital, and having just about survived a weekend as first-time parents of 2 (what were we thinking?!😵), baby Nathan is now 6 days old 👶🏻

Baby Nae, now graduated to JiejieN, has taken to babyN pretty well. She's curious and warm towards him, while babyN is still oblivious to her existence 😂

Pretty surreal how babyN looks so much like JiejieN when she was a newborn. Didnt quite realise it at birth, but since then there has been some noticeable traits (like their preference to arch their back until their head hangs over my cradlehold) and physical features that are distinctively 'from the same factory' ❤️ Well, maybe it's especially so since babyN has been wearing hand-me-downs 😛

The birth story

Whoever said #2 will be 'too fast too furious' – it only applied somewhat for me.

At 40w5d, BabyN was still comfortably within me. Even after i was induced, it still took a total of 7h, of which i was in immense contraction pains for 3h (per min intervals of contractions in the 70-100 range is seriously no f*ing fun), for the waterbag to literally 'pop!' and for him to slide right outta me after 20min.

The gynae couldn't even make it back in time to catch him – the midwife was desperately trying to make me wait by asking me to close my legs. Sorry lady, this baby needs to get outta me NOW so i stop feeling the PAIN!

So bright and sunny on Wednesday morning, i popped.

This experience was nothing like what i went through for JiejieN. She was out at 39w, i had (comparatively) bearable contractions, but my body took its time to recover. A traumatic first time experience, my body was shaking tremendously right after delivery. I was in pain and couldn't bear to stand and walk around, let alone sit.

Miraculously, for what all the pain during the delivery process was worth, i recovered very well this time around. Stand? Walk? Pee? – Sure. Painkillers? – no need for that. Even the gynae was surprised, haha.

Fast forward 6d postpartum

I'm enjoying the ability to eat normally again – my appetite, and hence diet, was bleh throughout pregnancy.

Trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and, worse, night feeds 😵

Constantly reminding myself not to overlook my firstborn, to keep my patience in check, and most importantly try to keep things as much of a status quo as possible. Honestly though, she has recently displayed behaviour that shows just how much she has grown. Sigh.

My sleep debt has multiplied 3-folds, i'm dozing off every chance i get (that's why this entry took 6 days to be completed). babyN is nocturnal. He sleeps well on his own in the day but come nightfall, he cluster-feeds and needs to be cradled. So family and friends, sorry i gotta be MIA for a bit as i find back a routine and try to tank up on sleep even as it gets depleted quickly.

Will do a 1 month report card to see if we are still surviving.

Signing off as a fam of 4!

Of birthdays

(Clockwise from left) My last birthday as an adult in control of my own life; First birthday as a Mommsy, ie life controlled by child; Baby N’s third and last birthday as an only child; and more recently, my last birthday as a Mommsy of one!

Another week or so till this band of minions expands by 1 😊


There’s being a working mommsy to a toddler, and then there’s being a working mommsy to a toddler while baking a bun.

From battling mood swings and short fuse, to bad appetite and sweet cravings, then breathlessness while going about daily life and chores, all while constantly reminding myself that it won’t be long till my firstborn will realise she will have to share mommsy’s time with her new lil bro. 

What a whirlwind of emotions. As much as the excitement and anticipation envelops us, I wonder how the 3 of us will come to cope with a new addition!


… “Mommies on the bus say ‘i love you, i love you, i love you” comes up in a version of “Wheels of the bus”(first time i’ve heard this line), and babyN suddenly turns to look at me then hug me as she sang along.

This age, antics heart-melting and exasperating at different times of the day.


And so, you’ve turned 2.

The past year has indeed been a steep learning journey for us. Having to go through multiple transitions, from your diet strike and Mommsy starting work, to you starting school and then weaning.

You’ve emerged a champion.

Wasn’t easy, of course. You are as picky an eater as ever, as stubborn as an elephant who refuses to budge, moody and whiny when you are upset or dont get your way, and exasperatingly difficult when you are sick. 

Sigh. But you have also surprised us with how sensitive and thoughtful you are. 

You get motherly when you see that Mommsy or daddcy has an injury. You hold both our hands and said, “3-together”. You offer your favourite nuts to Gonggong, you hand out balloons to Yeye et al, you help to keep the laundry. And the list goes on..

When you are comfortable in your skin and/or environment, you are bright, chatty, enjoy bobbing and dancing to tunes, break out into songs every now and then, tilt your head in the oh-my-heart manner, smile your beautiful smile, grin and chuckle like how naughty you are.

That’s the side of you that many people dont see, coz you are shy and take awhile to warm up in front of crowds. 

A loveable side of babyN i hope many more people will come to see.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little one. You know we love you loads :)


Breastfeeding Mother: March 2014 – January 2016


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I was a breastfeeding mother, and here are the trained qualities that are proofpoints for why this role should be considered in my CV.


  • Able to remain focused in the face of a rocky introduction to the world of parenthood and breastfeeding, and amidst naysayers.
  • Delivered high quality (fluid) results despite the challenge of navigating mental stress and physical obstacles.
  • Thrived in environments that require all the mental strength in the world to calmly manage the high-strung emotions of a hungry youngling, sometimes in view of the watchful public.

Good management skills:

  • Able to plan ahead and streamline processes so as to complete a host of tasks and errands in the shortest amount of time possible, in order to fulfill commitment to (fussy) top management/youngling.
  • Possess analytical skills required to assess situations of need that are specific to youngling and unique to each situation, and allocate resources accordingly.

Efficient Multi-tasker:

  • Substantial experience in providing ‘materials’ to (fussy) top management/youngling while managing meals/phonecalls/housechores/conversations, most times delivered in under 2 minutes.
  • Successfully mastered the art of delivering said ‘materials’ to youngling while walking, at 5 months into my career and in under 3 minutes; an achievement that earns a ‘level-up’ for some babywearing mommies.

Creative problem-solver:

  • Able to generate solutions and resolve complaints from hungry top management/youngling by exercising a variety of fun/laughter-inducing/distraction methods. 
  • Best career moment: Setting up 4D entertainment for said hungry top management/youngling, to buy time while taking a well-deserved/badly needed 5-minute shower.

Reasons for leaving this role:

In search of my true ‘self’ by regaining control over my body; and to recharge my mind, body and soul before the cycle returns. 


Baby N – 90th percentile for 23 months straight and relative clean bill of health, save for the occasional post-vaccination fevers.

A new year

So babyN started school this year, and while she was fine the first couple of days, reality set in and she has begun crying at the entrance to school. Owell.

And after months with a clean bill of health, she has fallen ill just 4 days into school. Ahwell.

It’s been 2 weeks of school, and she has tried to eat papaya and sphagetti, learnt the actions and lyrics to more songs, and is able to express her opinions with words so much better. Swell!


Going on 2.


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So it’s been almost 6 months since, and I’m glad to say we are surviving well from the last monumental change, and in fact, approaching  the next monumental change.

And that’s school. For baby N, that is.

She hasn’t quite taken to the “going to school” storybook that I got her, and she hasn’t shown much interest when we tell her about it. So it looks like she ain’t too keen to start school. Fingers crossed she will adapt well…

Since I’ve started work, there has been minimal playdates and hence baby N has become more withdrawn and averse to people and friends she meets. Case in point – We brought baby N to her first “meet the idol” session, ie Peppa Pig live show, and amidst the crowd, she turned on her defensive mode and shrunk into her shell. I hope the experienc of making friends at school wont scar her too much.

Baby N has gradually begun to eat more varieties of “normal” food, although still extremely picky. I seriously doubt she will swallow any of the porridge/bread/oats kind of food school will serve, but I hope she will come to understand soon enough that she needs to eat to survive.

I reckon her language ability, provided she is willing to talk, could be a key survival skill for her. Baby N has begun to sing complete songs and make logical sentences, so it has been a joy conversing with her. I hope she will be open to communicating with her teachers and friends.

Most importantly, I hope her teachers will like her enough so she will feel comfortable at school. 

The first of many parenting challenges will soon dawn upon us. I hope our score card will fill up quite nicely… Just like her Christmas stockings!

Thanks to FB memories, I am reminded of a chubbier baby N attempting to open her present just a short one year ago. How time flies. I wonder what she will look like a year from now…